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Time to Quit the Dip or Not?

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Savoring TimeIn my last post, I talked about quitting and why you think it was time to quit. If you are currently in doubt about a major decision that you have to undertake, it may help to take a moment and rethink things.

Why you’re in this position is because you were pursuing something that was worth it in the first place, and now you’re asking yourself whether you should continue or just give it up altogether.

The truth is most people who experience the dip and who make it to the end and achieve their aim know that what they want to achieve is extremely valuable.

The longer they persevered and overcame the “obstacles on the road”, the closer they were to success. On the other hand, people who give up once they get in the dip might be very close to their goal.

However, these quitters might have done well to give up. At least they saved time and energy and were able to pursue other goals. Sometimes, it is such a waste to throw away everything, after enduring all the difficulties and spending all the time trying to achieve something.

One good example that I would like to take is my recent challenge to set up and build a successful Shopify store. I bought a domain name and set up the store (including my address, payment plan, store type, shipping rates, and important plugins).

This took me several hours of training and watching videos on YouTube and other paid platforms. In fact, I stayed up all night long until mid-morning working on my brand new store. Now, I had to add products to my store and was even prepared to hire a Shopify expert to do the job.

Then I listened to a video explaining the difficulties of drop shipping and what you should expect. Suddenly, I was no longer seeing myself building a successful e-commerce website. I saw the difficulties that lay ahead and was convinced I was going to fail.

I asked myself whether this was worth pursuing. Should I continue just because I had spent a lot of time, energy and money? Should this be the factor that motivates me to continue building my business? Would I succeed in establishing and growing my business if my only motivation was to continue because of all the time and money I had spent to set up my store?

Certainly, not. I knew it would be a wise decision to quit right then and pursue something that I was enthusiastic to accomplish.

I agree with the bestselling author Seth Godin, who believes that you should quit if you aren’t willing to invest yourself to excel in what you’re aiming for. If you’re not pursuing a goal to achieve an A or A+ and are merely aiming for a C, D, or E, it would be in your interest to quit.

However, this approach would work for things that are bound to change your life in a big way, such as a career or a business venture.

This doesn’t certainly apply to smaller objectives such as learning a new skill where your objective is not to excel in that area.

Have you ever quit and felt you had taken the right decision? What made you realize that you were better off spending your time working on something that was worth it, something that you were enthusiastic about, or something whose challenges did not put you off, but rather drove you further towards your goal?

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