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Self-Mastery Tools

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self-control-710228_1280When you master yourself from within and are in a position where you are at ease with yourself, it will reflect to everyone else on the outside. It is important to understand that it is your mind and your inner self that helps you in the pursuit of your goals.

If you are internally strong, have complete control over your emotions and are emotionally intelligent (which basically refers to mastering your emotions as well as controlling those of others) then you can be optimistic enough to pursue your objectives even in difficult times and persevere amidst adversities to eventually become triumphant.

The ability to be in complete control of your frame of mind and thought process that governs your feelings, habits, emotions, and behaviors is precisely what self-mastery entails.

Self-Mastery Tools

What do you need to have to master your emotions and where can you find those tools?

Know Yourself Better

To master yourself, it is imperative to know yourself better. Only when you know yourself completely inside out, can you understand the aspects of yourself that you want to modify, let go of and improve. Since every person is different, the self-mastery tools for each person are different too.

You may need to overcome your lack of self-esteem to believe in yourself and overcome your negativity and a high self-esteem is a tool to self-mastery that you need.

On the contrary, your best friend may be amazingly self-assured but has a short-temper and they need to address this issue to master their emotions. Therefore, for them, the self-mastery tool they need is developing calm and resolve. Hence, self-mastery tools vary from one person to another and can only be discovered by finding who you are.

If you truly wish to start working on self-mastery, you must understand yourself and figure out the core areas that you want to improve or alter. To know yourself better, you have to spend time with yourself daily.

Start by spending 10 to 15 minutes alone in a quiet place every day and slowly increase that duration to 40 minutes. In that alone time, focus only on yourself and weaknesses and find out the personality traits that make you your worst self in order to look for suitable self-mastery tools to change them.

For instance, when I started to understand myself, I figured out that my negative mindset was precisely the factor that prevented me from mastering myself and I had to develop a positive mindset to overcome it.

Ask Yourself the Right Questions

To know yourself better, you have to ask yourself healthy and constructive questions. You have to deeply search yourself to find the answers to your questions about how you can develop self-mastery.

Quite often, we ask ourselves negative questions that make us feel bad about ourselves. For instance, ‘Why do I always fail?’ or ‘Why can’t I become successful?’

Such questions have a negative connotation and as your mind is designed to look for answers to the questions you ask it, it gives you negative answers to negative questions.

To develop self-mastery and know the right tools you need for the job, you must ask yourself constructive and positive questions to you get the answers that actually help you improve yourself.

For instance, ask yourself questions like ‘How can I improve myself?’ or ‘What should I do to become more confident?’ or ‘What are my strengths and how can they help me master my emotions?’

This helps you figure out your strengths as well as the strategies you can implement to achieve the desired results including controlling your emotions, behavior, and mind.

Use the Help of Experts

You can also consult experts and professionals in the field, including Steve Pavlina. Visit his website and those of renowned self-help professionals to find out what you must do to improve yourself.

Moreover, be on the lookout for personal growth seminars, workshops, and lectures in your area conducted by professionals in the field so you can attend them and benefit from the guidance being offered.

Exercise and Meditate

When you do find the right self-mastery tools for yourself, you must get into action right away and work on them. As you do this, you are bound to face obstacles that may slow down your progress. You then become stressed and may not know how to move forward.

To ensure you stay calm, relaxed, and invigorated during the process and have the mental, emotional, and physical strength to combat all obstacles, you must exercise regularly and incorporate meditation into life.

These practices lower your cortisol levels, which is a stress-triggering hormone and improve your mood and confidence by increasing your serotonin and testosterone levels, which are neurotransmitters linked to improving mood and confidence, respectively. When these changes occur in your body, you find it easy to stay strong amidst difficulties.

You can practice any sort of exercises you like such as yoga, aerobics, squats or even play a vigorous sport such as tennis, squash, or football. The idea is to become involved in an extensive physical activity.

Start with 10 minutes and slowly take it up to 30 to 60 minutes. Also, do it three to four times a week to boost your mental and physical strength.

You can learn the art of meditation and yoga by visiting a local club nearby or if that’s not possible, you can view this video to help you with meditation then by clicking on the following links and searching for similar practices on YouTube.

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