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At some point in our lives: we want to become a better person; we want to grow in every aspect of our lives (financial, spiritual, emotional); we want to improve our relationships; we want to eliminate our bad habits and adopt good ones; we want to improve our physical health as well as strengthen our mind-body connection…and the list goes on.

In most cases, people do not know where to start. Some start by buying self-help books and just move from one to the other without seeing any improvements in their lives. Some spend their free time browsing all self-help websites available on the World Wide Web, yet they do not find the answers to their questions or see any positive changes in their lives. You might ask yourself why with all the resources out there, many people still fail at improving themselves. The truth is those who fail lack one crucial ingredient: They do not create the habit of self improvement. Even with all the resources available, if you do not commit to make time and practice self improvement techniques and methods on a daily basis (even if it is just for 15-20 minutes).

This may be where your journey starts. I have selected the programs out there to help you with your self improvement goals. Some of these programs offer you the ability to achieve great levels of skill and knowledge within reasonably short periods in formats that you are going love and enjoy. ln addition, some offer you all the support and guidance that you will need as you work towards goals.

Here, we’ll focus only on self improvement programmes that are dedicated to helping people improve their lives and relationships through powerful training provided by the world’s top teachers and authors in body, mind, and relationships.





Mastery Insight Institute Program

This programme is for people who wish to achieve the following:

  • Improve spoken voice and become more compelling to listen to.
  • Learn how to deliver powerful messages through nonverbal conversation.
  • Unpack and reprogramme belief systems and decision strategies.
  • Apply neuro linguistic programming in public speaking as well as other professional contexts.
  • Develop strong skills to become a powerful and efficient coach.

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Marriage Fitness with Mort Fertel

This programme was created in 2004 by Mort Fertel to help couples improve their marriage. The programme format includes products and services: one-on-one sessions with Mort Fertel, maintenance programs, tele-seminars, CDs, DVDs, and home learning kits.

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Self Mastery


Life Dynamics Mastery

This powerful transformation success system guarantees a complete mastery over a life of unimaginable wealth and abundance.

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Morning Ritual Mastery

This inspirational product teaches people how to become more successful, have unquenchable energy and be happy through the power of a morning ritual.

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