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Liyeplimal Review: Another Scam or a Legit MLM Crypto Investment?

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Looking for a REAL cryptocurrency MLM system where you can make money?

Unfortunately, most cryptocurrency MLM systems are a masked Ponzi scheme, allowing only members who join early to make money and leaving newcomers with empty wallets.

If you’re reading this post, I suppose you’re wondering whether Liyeplimal is another scam or a legit MLM crypto investment.

I’ll be honest with you. I was skeptical about Liyeplimal when I initially learned about their business model. To make things worse, I couldn’t find a detailed Liyeplimal review at that time (that was in 2019).

This Liyeplimal review will give you an insight into what the system feels.

My Story Before Liyeplimal

My name’s Princila, a working mom and wife. A few years back, I started blogging on a free platform, chronicling my experience in Saudi Arabia.

When I started off blogging, I knew absolutely NOTHING about affiliate marketing. I took a few courses, built a couple of websites, including one that I sold for $3200. (Read about my first check from Amazon here).

My experience with affiliate marketing has been good so far, albeit I haven’t reached my main objective, which is to stop working for someone.

Today, I run several online businesses (including a self-publishing business and two affiliate websites). I also invest in cryptocurrency, mainly by HODLING assets such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Ethereum.

And while I have made some money online, it isn’t enough for me to quit my job–not just yet!

Heck, it does take a lot of work to build a successful website, especially when it’s in the health niche, which is why I decided to invest in Liyeplimal.

Liyeplimal Review – Key Points

About: Liyeplimal is a product of Global Currencies Trading that allows users worldwide to invest in cryptocurrency packs.

Cost: The prices of the packs range between $200 and $100,000.

(January 1, 2021 update: the $100 pack is no longer available; however, members who bought the pack before January 1, 2021 will receive their weekly payments until when their pack expires).

Pros: Low entry cost, and it offers users the possibility of earning without hassle (i.e., users get paid weekly for one year after investing in a pack).

Cons: Most payment methods are only available to users in some African countries, although users living in Western countries can use Bitcoin and the Liyeplimal Visa card to withdraw money.

Overall: No time to read? Below is a video version of the Liyeplimal opportunity.

What is Liyeplimal?

Liyeplimal is a product that allows users worldwide to invest in cryptocurrency packs and exchange dollars at minimal transfer cost.

The company behind Liyeplimal is Global Investment Trading, which was founded in 2017 by Simb Emile Parfait.

The company is based in Cameroon and is claimed to be one of the largest and most experienced platforms for traders to buy and sell cryptocurrencies in Africa.

How Does Liyeplimal Work?

If you’ve tried trading, then you might have an idea of how this works. When investors buy packs, the company uses the money to invest in the crypto market.

The profits generated from trading are distributed to investors on a weekly basis until the end of the 12-month contract.

Several packs are available for investors to buy, with the cheapest one costing $200. So, with only $200 you can start investing today.

When you buy a pack, you have a 12-month (one year) contract during which the company will pay you a specified amount, including interest. The amount that you get paid depends on the value of the pack that you bought.

The first payment will be sent to your Liyeplimal account on the seventh day from the date you bought a pack. You will be paid weekly for 52 weeks and can always reinvest the money you make on the platform if you wish to do so.

How to Fund Your Liyeplimal Account

If you’re new to Liyeplimal and do not know how to fund your account, contact your sponsor. You’ll find their contact details, including their email and phone number, in your Liyeplimal account.

If you’re comfortable dealing with Bitcoin, this may be your best option, especially if you’re living in countries where it is easy to buy and trade cryptocurrencies.

You can also buy Limo dollars from members who are willing to exchange their Limos for cash instead of withdrawing them from their account at the cost of paying transaction fees.

How to Withdraw Money from Your Liyeplimal Account

Several withdrawal methods are available. The most profitable way of withdrawing money is selling your Limo dollars to another member. There are forums worldwide that you can join to interact with other members and offer your Limo dollars for sale.

At the time of writing, the following groups are available for members to join:

  • Liyeplimal Canada Team (on WhatsApp and Telegram)
  • Liyeplimal Team North America (on Telegram)
  • Liyeplimal New 2020 (on Telegram). It includes members from all over the world.
  • Liyeplimal France (on WhatsApp).

If you live in Cameroon, you can withdraw money via Orange Money and Mobile Money. Additionally, you can withdraw money to a Visa card that you can purchase from the company.

People living in other countries can also order a Liyeplimal Visa card online. However, the process is a little more complicated than it seems.

In some areas, such as in Canada, you may be able to order your card by contacting a team leader.

Liyeplimal Visa card
My Liyeplimal Visa card

Personally, I prefer selling my Limos to other members because it is more profitable.

For example, I can sell 1 Limo dollar at 700 XAF. When I withdraw using my Visa card, I get 1 Limo dollar at 550 XAF. The difference is huge, especially if large sums are involved.

I did a test by withdrawing 100 Limo dollars. Below is a screenshot of the message that I got from Union Bank of Africa.

Union Bank for Africa

Also, here’s a screenshot of my UBA account:

And in the video below, I’m withdrawing some of the money from an ATM in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

NB: You can withdraw money from your account from the 1st to the 23rd of each month (until 11 AM GMT on the 23). However, you need to have a minimum of $10 in your account to withdraw money.

Why You Should Consider Joining Liyeplimal

Having tried other online business models, I strongly recommend that you sign up for Liyeplimal.

Contrary to other online business models that require long hours of work (hello affiliate marketing!) and long waiting periods for you to start seeing the rewards of your hard work, you do not need to do anything except buy your pack and start receiving your weekly payments.

If you wish to only buy a pack and reap the rewards, that’s totally fine. You are not obliged to promote the system or sell currency for profit although you are sure to make more money by promoting the system.

Pros of Liyeplimal

  • The platform is user-friendly.
  • The company behind Liyeplimal is a reputable company specialized in trading cryptocurrencies. Additionally, they’ve been known to consistently pay their members.
  • You can start “seeing your money” coming back in as early as seven days after buying a pack.
  • No long working hours; you just invest in a pack and wait for your interest, which can range between 160 and 225% depending on the value of the pack.
  • Potential to make more money via their compensation plan (direct plus indirect commissions and team bonus).
  • You can also make more money by selling $Limo to other Liyeplimal members who prefer to have cash quickly instead of going through the withdrawal process.
  • Opportunity to get free training in trading cryptocurrencies when you reach level 4

Cons of Liyeplimal

  • Sign up and account verification can be a little confusing for some persons (I will create a video to show users how to go about it). However, you can contact their dedicated support team here.
  • The fees to deposit money into a Liyeplimal account are high–a whooping 10%! That’s far higher than what PayPal charges for transactions, which is in the region of 3.99%. (January 1, 2021 update: The fees have been increased to 20%!).
  • Not enough methods of withdrawal and deposit options for persons residing in Western countries; in fact, at the time of writing, only three options are feasible: Bitcoin, Payeer, and Liyeplimal Visa card (which you have to purchase from Limarket). Update: Bitcoin is no longer used as a withdrawal method for security reasons. This decision might change in the near future.
  • Details about how to use Liyeplimal are not always available on their website. Some users have had unpleasant experiences because they didn’t know when to make a withdrawal request or didn’t know that the withdrawal button was unavailable during certain periods of the month

How Much Money Can You Earn with Liyeplimal

The possibilities are endless. While some users are happy to make a few hundred to thousand dollars per year, others aim to reach the top and make five to six figures in profits, such as the case of an Ivorian who reached level 5 (leader) in less than six months.

Here’s how the compensation plan looks like:

Level 1: You earn 6% commission on purchases made by first generation referrals (i.e., members that you directly referred).

Level 2: You earn 6% commission on purchases made by first generation referrals and 2% on those made by second generation referrals (i.e., persons who were referred to the system by your direct referrals).

Level 3: You earn 6% commission on purchases made by first generation referrals, 2% from second generation referrals, and 1% from third generation referrals.

Level 4: You earn 6% commission on purchases made by first generation referrals, 2% from second generation referrals, 1% from third generation referrals, and 1% from fourth generation referrals.

Level 5: You earn 6% commission on purchases made by first generation referrals, 2% from second generation referrals, 1% from third generation referrals, 1% from fourth generation referrals, and 2% from fifth generation referrals.

January 1, 2021 Update: The company added two more levels.

Profits from the Secondary Market

Other members choose to sell Limo dollars by leveraging the power of the currency exchange market.

Let me explain how this works. If a member wishes to deposit, for example, $100 into their account, you can transfer the amount to their account and collect cash from them.

The company sells $1 Limo for 800 FCFA, but members are free to sell $1 Limo at a price that another member is willing to pay. The market price of a dollar may be lower than the price at which you sell it.

January 1, 2021 Update: The price of $1 Limo has been increased to 1000 FCFA.

Is Liyelimal Another Scam or A Legit MLM Crypto Investment?

Liyeplimal was created in 2017, and based on my experience and those of older members, Global Investment Trading has consistently paid its members until the end of their contract (which is 12 months for every pack that you buy).

The company behind Liyeplimal, Global Investment Trading, has offered solid cryptocurrency training.

Global Investment Trading claims to be one of the largest and most experienced platform for buying and selling cryptocurrencies in Africa.

Global Investment Trading is also behind the following projects:

  • Simtrex, the first largest trading platform in Africa.
  • Limarket, an ecommerce platform
  • SIMBCOIN, a real estate investment opportunity.
  • Liportal, an ecommerce platform based in Dubai.

How Good is Liyeplimal Support?

On a scale of 1 to 5, I would give them 3.5. This is because I have never been able to reach their support team using their “leave us a message” form.

I’m not sure whether there is a problem with their contact form, but I did get a response within 24 hours after emailing them directly.

Fortunately, their support team was able to help when I needed it.

Update: I have increased my rating to 4.5/5. GIT now has a dedicated support website for their products. With the dedicated support team, responses to queries are much faster.

Liyeplimal support

Another improvement is the creation of a Liyeplimal forum where you can ask questions related to the use of the platform.

Liyeplimal forum

Frequently Asked Questions About Liyeplimal

1. What is the maximum amount/24 hours that I can transfer to other Liyeplimal members?

During a 24-hour period, you can transfer a maximum of $2500 to another Liyeplimal member.

However, if you wish to sell currency requiring that you transfer > $2500 per day, you would need to have a $51200 pack or be a Level 3 (platinum) and pay a $275 fee to GIT.

Note that there is no limit to the amount of money that you can receive per day.

2. Why can’t I find the “Withdraw” button?

Yes, there’s nothing as distressing as you trying to withdraw your money only to find out that the “Withdraw” button is no longer available. In its place, you are seeing a shiny “Exchange” button.

Don’t worry, GIT removes the “Withdraw” button during payment periods so that members cannot make requests during that period. So, to be on a safe side, make your withdrawal requests between the 1st and 23 of each month (before 11 AM GMT).

As for that “Withdraw” button, don’t worry, it’ll be right back after the payment period.

3. Can I have multiple Liyeplimal packs?

Yes, you can buy as many packs as you wish to earn more.

4. Can I change my sponsor or upline?

No, it isn’t possible to change your sponsor (upline).

Is Liyeplimal Worth It?

Yes, it is.

Despite the few cons that I mentioned, it is worth investing in one or more Liyeplimal packs.

If you have your doubts, you can start by investing in a small pack and reinvesting your money once you hit the amount that you initially put in to buy the pack.

If your objective is to start making passive income and eventually leave your full-time job, you won’t regret investing in a Liyeplimal crypto pack.


    • PN Murray

      Hi Fabien,

      Yes, this works in Canada. There’s even a Liyeplimal Canada team on WhatsApp and they host webinars every Saturdays (in French) and Sundays (in English). I can send you their invite link by email if you wish (your permission needed for me to send it) or you email me directly.

      For tax purposes, you’ll have to discuss this with your accountant because I’m not sure how things work in Quebec.


  • Postbox

    Thank you for detailed explanation.i am residing @ friend introduced to this today. Is it possible to transfer the money to my country (india). do you show the tax returns in your T4 when filing taxes

    • PN Murray

      Hi and my apologies for the very late response.

      If you have a Liyeplimal Visa card, you won’t need to transfer the money. You can simply withdraw the money from an ATM machine. I know the Liyeplimal community is growing in many countries, making it possible for people do sell their Limo dollars in exchange for cash. However, I don’t know about a Liyeplimal community in India. If one exists, it would be the easiest way for you to find someone pay you cash in India in exchange for your Limo dollars.

      While the crypto industry is not really regulated per se, it is preferable to report your Liyeplimal earnings as capital gains and not income in your tax returns.

      Let me know if you have any other concerns and thanks for visiting.

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