Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It?

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I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate since 2014, and like many people, I was sceptical when I I initially joined the program. Plus, I had so many things going on that I took a long break of up to two years before taking the program seriously.

If you’re like me, you’re probably reading this because you always check out every money-making opportunity that is advertised online to make sure it is legit before joining it.

I have been scammed once online and after that experience, I promised myself I would never be a victim of online scam again. Luckily for me, I lost only $10 and cancelled my membership. But other people are not so lucky…some lose way more than this before realizing they had been scammed.

First off, I don’t believe in making money on autopilot like many scammy products claim.  If you’re out to make money, you should be prepared to put in the effort to make money online in a legit way. Now, Wealthy Affiliate is one of those programmes that I always recommend.

Want to find out why? Keep reading…

Scam Alert?

What is the first thing that crosses your mind when you stumble on a product that promises to teach you how to make money on the Internet? Sigh…(rolls eyes): A new scammy product. But wait! Before you hastily jumped to conclusions that this system is just another scam, let’s look at why being a member of Wealthy Affiliate might be worth it.

So What is Wealthy Affiliate?


Price: FREE to join for a starter membership; a monthly fee of $49 or an annual fee of $359

Website owners: Kyle and Carson

Rating: 4.5 out of 5


In a few words, Wealth Affiliate is a program that teaches you how to build and run an online business. It has been around since 2005 and boasts of a large community of members who are interested in learning how to make money online. The owners of Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle and Carson, created this system for newbies and experienced internet marketers who are interested in earning an income online.


There are two membership price points:

Free or starter member: As the name implies, it is totally FREE to join.

Premium member: Members are required to pay a monthly fee of $49 or an annual fee of $359.

Training and Tools

Wealthy Affiliate has got all the tools and training to help serious persons succeed in building an online business. The training is well organized and is tailored to new or experienced internet marketers. The material is presented in different formats:

  • Videos (weekly live and recorded presentations).
  • Tutorials
  • Interactive discussions
  • Task-guided courses
  • Classrooms on specific subjects
  • Question and answer sessions


Members also have access to some smart tools to help them build their business. These include, for example:

  • A keyword tool that helps members research low competition keywords to prepare their website for search engine optimisation.
  • Keyword lists, including a selection of low competition keywords.
  • Unlimited cloud hosting (available to premium members).
  • Access to thousands of website themes or templates.
  • Rapid writer, which permits members to create content.

Pros of Wealthy Affiliate

  • You can join for FREE and explore the program within 7 days before deciding to upgrade to paid membership or not. Free members have no obligation to upgrade to the premium membership. However, if they decide to upgrade within 7 days of signing up, they get the first month for just $19 instead of $47–that’s ~60% discount.
  • Wealthy Affiliate is packed with training videos and articles to help any member who is willing to put in the effort to succeed online.
  • Members can immediately seek help through ‘live chat’ whenever they encounter a problem with their website or another issue that’s related to their online business. The large and growing community is made up of members who are always willing to jump in and help other members with their business. This was one of the things that struck me most on Wealthy Affiliate. I had never such a community of like-minded people who were so willing to help complete strangers whenever they had difficulties.
  • This is one of those programmes where members have the luxury of communicating directly with the creators. Kyle and Carson are very responsive and always willing to help members succeed in their online business.
  • The programme is created such that it can cater to the needs of both newbie and professional internet marketers.

Cons of Wealthy Affiliate

  • It is very easy to suffer from information overload. As a new member, you might be tempted to make the most out of the programme during the first 7 days. Unfortunately, the platform has a wealth of information that you won’t be able to master everything within one week.
  • Some countries, due to the high rate of fraud, are exempted for FREE Starter Membership and the 59% discount that is offered during the first month. These countries include:- Bangladesh
    – Egypt
    – India
    – Nigeria
    – Pakistan
    – Philippines
    – Vietnam
  • Sometimes advise from fellow affiliate members can be misleading. In addition, a good timing is necessary to encounter any member on live chat. While members are usually present online, there may be times when a member is not able to have immediate help, and his or her question goes unanswered.

Who can Benefit from Wealthy Affiliate?

Anyone who can use the Internet can benefit from Wealthy Affiliate. You might be a stay-at-home mum, an ex-convict, student, or a retired worker. It doesn’t matter.

Wealthy Affiliate is open to people worldwide and there’re no age restrictions to join the system. The common thing that Wealthy Affiliate members share is working towards making income online, whether they have zero experience on internet marketing or they are experienced marketers.


Overall, Wealthy Affiliate is a totally legit system. Like everything else it is not perfect; however, it is one of the best affiliate marketing training programs available on the World Wide Web to the current date.

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