How to Activate Your Prepaid Global Investment Trading-UBA Visa Card

How to Activate Your Prepaid Global Investment Trading-UBA Visa Card

So, you’ve just received your brand prepaid Global investment trading-UBA Visa card but you’re not sure how to activate. No worries, you’re not alone!

Some Liyeplimal members have reported finding it confusing to activate their Visa card, especially when the instructions are printed in a language other than their first language.

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In this post, I’ll work you through the entire process.

Before starting, it is important that you read the instructions in the leaflet that came with the card.

Next, unstick your card from the leaflet. Then peel the blockout on the leaflet and paste it on a white surface to reveal your ATM PIN and internet passcode.

UBA Activation

In the image above, the blotted out numbers are the PIN (red arrow), whereas the internet passcode is the four-digit code is circled in red.

After revealing your passcode, log into the mobile banking website by following this link:

Once logged in, you’ll be prompted to change your username and password. Note that after logging into your account using your client ID and internet passcode, you’ll no longer be able to use that passcode.

That’s it! After creating your username and new password, you can now log in here to check your account.

Don’t forget to save your new username and password where you alone can access it.

Here’s a quick video of the entire process:

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