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Too often, people do not understand the relationship between self improvement and financial success. However, these two are intertwined and many people who are interested in self improvement might be unaware of the strong connection between self improvement and financial success. And as Morty Lefkoe beautifully puts it, “Financial success requires personal growth”.


One of the areas in our lives that we are constantly trying to improve is our relationship with money. Huh? Relationship? Yes, you read me right. We do not only have relationships with people. In fact, the Oxford dictionary defines relationship as “The way in which two or more concepts, objects, or people are connected, or the state of being connected.” So I’m talking here about how YOU are connected with money. The questions below should make you think about your relationship with money to help you identify areas that need improvement:


  • Do you control your impulses where money is concerned?
  • Does money cause you to be stressed out?
  • Does money make you feel secure?
  • Do you feel money gives you the feeling that the sky’s the limit?


Financial satisfaction has been a subject of interest for several decades. Previous studies have shown that financial satisfaction, among other factors, was an important determinant of an individual’s general well-being. In fact, a topic that has come up too frequently is the concept of financial independence. While some persons consider financial freedom as the state where they have sufficient personal wealth to live, without having to work actively for basic necessities, others believe that it is the ability to do what they love, without having to report to anyone.


To some like me, financial freedom means a lot more. It is being able to be there for my family when they need me and at the same time being able to do what I love from anywhere (home, beach, mall, etc.). Since 2008, I have sought to achieve this by trying several programmes available on the Internet, and after so many years searching, I finally achieved my goals: I became a stay-at-home mum and was able to make a living from home.

Yeah, this is the exact spot where I was (and still I'm) "churning" money.
Yeah, this is the exact spot where I was (and still I’m) “churning” money. 🙂


To be accurate, in 2014 I resigned from my 8 to 5 job and started working as a freelancer from home. Then during the next months that followed, I looked for a means to make passive income to supplement my current income. I had published a children’s book Girl of the Book in December 2014, but I wasn’t making enough income from the sales of that book. I planned to write book 2, but was caught up with my freelance work, housekeeping, and the search for lucrative money-making opportunities on the Internet. The list of programmes and courses that I’d bought is too long, so I’ll just spare you the story. In-between, I was writing other non-fiction books.


I discovered the potential of online entrepreneurship 2 years after I had signed up for a programme called Wealthy Affiliate created by Kyle and Carson. I wrote a short blog post about that HERE. It wasn’t until June 25, 2016 that I took the programme seriously and upgraded to premium. You can read my review of Wealthy Affiliate HERE. Since I went premium, I have learned a lot about running an online business more than I’ve ever learned in my adult life, and I’ve started preparing a FREE 7-day mini course to help other people achieve financial freedom by learning how to build an online business. More on that when I’m done with the course.


And finally, I would love to know what financial freedom means to you in the comments section below and how you intend to achieve personal financial growth.


  • William

    Hi Princila. I like the content of your site and believe that there is a huge amount of potential in affiliate marketing. Thanks for letting me know about Wealthy Affiliates. I’m going to check it out!!


    • PN Murray

      Hi, William!
      Thanks for visiting and commenting.
      There is indeed a lot of potential in affiliate marketing. Anybody who is willing to learn can succeed in this business and make a four- or five-figure income every month.
      I hope you become successful on WA!

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