• How to Activate Your Prepaid Global Investment Trading-UBA Visa Card
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    How to Activate Your Prepaid Global Investment Trading-UBA Visa Card

    So, you’ve just received your brand prepaid Global investment trading-UBA Visa card but you’re not sure how to activate. No worries, you’re not alone! Some Liyeplimal members have reported finding it confusing to activate their Visa card, especially when the instructions are printed in a language other than their first language. Related: Liyeplimal Review: Another Scam or A Legit MLM Crypto Investment? In this post, I’ll work you through the entire process. Before starting, it is important that you read the instructions in the leaflet that came with the card. Next, unstick your card from the leaflet. Then peel the blockout on the leaflet and paste it on a white…

  • Manifestation Miracle
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    Manifestation Miracle Scam: Read This Before Purchasing!

    Product Name: Manifestation Miracle Product Category: Motivational / Transformational Price: $47 (discounted) at the time that I’m writing this Product Creator: Heather Mathews Official website: manifestationmiracle.net Overall Rating: 7 out of 10 What to Expect from This Review I had heard about the Law of Attraction a few years back when I was at medical school. At that time, I was this shy, pessimistic individual who only hoped for a better future. If anyone had presented a product like this one to me, my first reaction would have been to scream “scam!” I didn’t believe in products that claimed to help you achieve success or find wealth and happiness. Fast-forward a…

  • Self-mastery tools
    Personal Development

    Self-Mastery Tools

    When you master yourself from within and are in a position where you are at ease with yourself, it will reflect to everyone else on the outside. It is important to understand that it is your mind and your inner self that helps you in the pursuit of your goals. If you are internally strong, have complete control over your emotions and are emotionally intelligent (which basically refers to mastering your emotions as well as controlling those of others) then you can be optimistic enough to pursue your objectives even in difficult times and persevere amidst adversities to eventually become triumphant. The ability to be in complete control of your frame…

  • Success
    Personal Development

    What is the Key to Success in Life?

    Who doesn’t want to be successful in life? You do, like most of us, don’t you? We all set goals and strive to reach those goals. Now, one question that I often hear people as is “What is success?” And the answer is…well, it differs a lot as success means different things to each and every one of us. To my spouse, for example, success means being able to make at least $15,000 per month from his business. (We currently live in Saudi Arabia, so $15,000 would mean pretty much). His friend who loves working as employee considers success as being able to build his home before retirement. Another person…

  • Intelligence or grit
    Personal Development

    Intelligence or Grit?

    Have you ever asked yourself why some persons accomplish more than others of equal intelligence? Why a colleague seems to excel more than you although you believe you’re more intelligent? Wonder why most people make use of only a small fraction of their resources, while an extremely small proportion of individuals push themselves to their limits? No worries, scientists have also sought to answer these questions for a long time now. It is thought that high-achieving individuals are more likely to possess positive qualities and others such as self-confidence, charisma, creativity, physical attractiveness, and emotional balance. In theory, some traits appear to be more crucial than others for specific professions. For…

  • Time to quit the dip
    Personal Development

    Time to Quit the Dip or Not?

    In my last post, I talked about quitting and why you think it was time to quit. If you are currently in doubt about a major decision that you have to undertake, it may help to take a moment and rethink things. Why you’re in this position is because you were pursuing something that was worth it in the first place, and now you’re asking yourself whether you should continue or just give it up altogether. The truth is most people who experience the dip and who make it to the end and achieve their aim know that what they want to achieve is extremely valuable. The longer they persevered and…

  • Why quit?
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    Why Quit?

    Why Quit? You may ask yourself after putting in a lot of energy into something. Why quit when you can put in more energy to achieve your goals? Would quitting mean that you are weak of character? Doesn’t courage and resolve make you a person of strong character who is determined to fight until the end to achieve their goals? But halt! Take a deep breath and think this over again. You may be doing something wrong. Maybe you’re not applying the right strategy. And that’s what many of us fail to understand. In every aspect of our lives, it isn’t enough to keep fighting to achieve our goals. Yes, those…