A Better Version of You

Do you wish you could accomplish more in life? If so, do you know how? This book can guide you on that path. Self-Discipline will help you to build iron discipline, in a few of the following ways: (i) reset your thinking; (ii) adopt (or readopt) a few daily habits (iii) clear out useless things in your life; …plus, more ways to train yourself to succeed. By mastering self-discipline, you will be set up for more of what you want.

Day after day, people die from all kinds of fatal diseases, and, lack of self-confidence may well be one of them. If you're extremely critical of yourself, or if you doubt yourself and often judge yourself as inferior to others, then this book is for you! Say Goodbye to Low Self-Confidence and Failure, is an actionable guide for anyone seeking a vital boost to their flagging self-image.

Has success always eluded you, no matter how hard you try? Do you feel that your life’s course is somehow set in stone, even if you feel that you are capable of so much more? Do you constantly repeat the same negative patterns, even if you know better? If any of this describes you, then fear not – your life is not set in stone. Changing your habits is the first step to a happier, more fulfilled, more successful life.